Thursday, March 27, 2008



9" x 12"
Oil on Linen

Paintied at Casey Baugh's pereferal seeing class, Wednesday March 26, 2008.
I did not have black so I used TOR and Cobalt BLue.

Light Skin- Orange, Transparent Oxide Red (TOR), White
Shadow skin- Black (TOR & Cobalt), Orange, White
Shirt light color- Cad. Yellow light, Orange, White
Background color- Back, TOR, white
Hair base color- Viridian, TOR, Orange, Cad Yel Lt (mixed to a greenish cast)
Hair warm color- TOR, Cad Red, Bk
Hair dark color- Viridian, TOR, Orange, Cad Yel Lt, Cobalt Blue

I added Terra Rosa and Cad Red to warm up the face shadow.


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